I teach portrait photography and studio lighting in my own studio in Saffron Walden or at your chosen location.
I tailor tuition to your needs and interests - or can offer the workshops below. I prefer to teach small groups, ideally 1-1 and preferably no more than 6. For larger groups I give talks and demonstrations.
I'm always learning, too - there are lots of areas where I don't claim to be an expert. Please click here to get in touch with your interests and requirements and I'll let you know whether I think I can help you.

I don't have a regular teaching schedule. If you would like me to run an event for you or your group please drop me a line.
I try to make my teaching affordable. Exact rates depend on the duration, number of attendees, location and model fees. As a rough guide: a 2 hour 1-1 studio workshop with a model is typically £190.

Get more out of your camera
Want to get off automatic?
I can help you get more out of your camera, ideal for managing tricky situations and awkward lighting  - whether you shoot portraits, trains, mountains or something else!

Have-a-go photoshoot experience
Got a camera but never been in a studio before?
In this workshop I guide you through a photoshoot with a professional model, keeping the technical stuff to a minimum. This is a chance to shoot and experience the buzz of working in a studio, have fun and make some great photos!
Introduction to studio lighting
Want to learn to use flash lighting?
In this workshop we work methodically through the fundamentals and show you some of the possibilities. We'll discuss hard light, soft light, reflectors, fill flash and a heap more - and you'll get plenty of time to shoot and go away with some great reference images.
Using multiple lights
Want to add extra polish to your work?
With multiple lights it's easy to get lost and end up with a completely unmanagable, inflexible and difficult-to-reproduce lighting scheme. This workshop looks at the roles of different lights (key, fill, rim, accent, hair, background, detail) and considers effective ways to use them together.
Vintage Hollywood Glamour
Want to capture the style of Hollywood's golden era?
This workshop covers a variety of styles devised by the photographers of the 30s, 40s and 50s - from the traditional 'Fresnel spot' look to some less familiar setups.
Natural Light
Want to get more from working with natural light?
Natura light comes in many forms. It's one thing to be a 'natural light shooter' but another to really get the most out of it. This workshop is weather dependent but we'll try to cover direct and indirect light, shooting into the light, diffusing it, light direction, reflectors and more.
Recreating natural light in the studio
Prefer natural light but can't always make it do what you want?
This workshop considers natural light and what makes it special. We look at different kinds of natural light from overhead sun to diffuse cloud, how to tame it and how to recreate it in the studio.
Combining Constant Lights & Flash
Want to take control of all your light sources?
Combing constant lights - from candles to the sun - and flash can be a real challenge. This workshop looks at how to control the two different exposures which happen each time we take a flash photograph.
White backgrounds
Want the perfect white background?
White backgrounds are always popular but tricky to do well. This workshop looks at the difference between high contrast and high key lighting, how to avoid - or use - flare and how to create white backgrounds in confined spaces.
Working with dancers
Want to make beautiful photos of dancers?
This workshop looks at the particular challenges of photographing dancers and acrobats. We'll look at light direction, focusing, timing, flash duration, capturing a sense of movement and more.
Low key portraiture & bodyscapes
Want to make moody portraits and abstracts?
Low key doesn't just mean dark! This workshop shows you how to control light to maintain a full range of tones - with beautiful highlights to accentuate form.
Bespoke Confidence Builder
Want to recreate a style but don't know where to start?
Or just want more practice handling the lights yourself?
This workshop is my favourite! You come up with a style or image you want to create & I'll help you create it, giving as much or as little input as you need. This workshop works well for groups of 1-3 where everyone shoots each others' ideas.
Camera Club Talks
I offer talks and demonstrations to camera clubs, either in person or via Zoom.
Long exposure and flash
Unfortunately I'm not able to offer workshops in this technique in my current studio. Please drop me a line if this is something you want to learn.
The models in the images above are for illustration only.
The models we engage for your workshop will depend on your interests and the models' availability.
I would highly recommend Simon! He knows his stuff and doesn’t over complicate his tuition. He keeps it simple and to the point. Very easy to work with, friendly and lots of fun!
If you get a chance to work on one of Simon's workshops or are considering booking him for one then please don’t hesitate as you won’t be disappointed.
I've been to several of Simon's workshops ... Each time I've come away with a little more knowledge, experience and confidence, not to mention many shots I'm very pleased with.
I found Simon very easy going during the session, never judging, offering great advice throughout and pacing the day appropriately, able to skip over areas where I was already comfortable to maximise the learning experience. In the three hours, I felt I’d learned a huge amount and came away with some great images as reference for what we'd covered that day.
I really enjoyed your demonstration last night .... I found it very enlightening and plenty of food for thought. Thanks for a very entertaining night.
The pace was perfect for us, and we particularly appreciated the way you developed your themes from first principles.
Best [guest lecturer] we have had ... thank you.
I learned an awful lot in the time I spent with Simon. He is great at explaining ideas and concepts, and then really helped me to understand fine details of lighting, and I also got a lot of great images too.
Simon ... is very knowledgeable and a great teacher, focusing on your individual needs and interests, every single moment of the training was useful. Definitely recommended for any photographers who want to understand lighting more, be it simple setups or complex ones.