The images above were created by various people receiving 1-1 lighting tuition in my studio and used with their permission.
I teach 1-1 studio lighting sessions with models in my own studio in Saffron Walden or at your chosen location. I often work with model and dancer Bernadette Lemon for these sessions.
 - I've made a particular study of the use of light - finding, modifying, using and creating your own light
 - Want to get off automatic? I can help you get more out of your camera
 - I've taught small groups on photographic holidays
 - I deliver talks and give demonstrations
 - I've researched composition in some detail - I can show you some new ways of thinking about putting images together
 - I have an insight into the particular challenges of working with dancers and acrobats
 - I have a pragmatic approach to processing in Lightroom and Photoshop
I'm always learning, too - there are lots of areas where I don't claim to be an expert. Please get in touch with your interests and requirements and I'll let you know whether I think I can help you.
I found Simon very easy going during the session, never judging, offering great advice throughout and pacing the day appropriately, able to skip over areas where I was already comfortable to maximise the learning experience. In the three hours, I felt I’d learned a huge amount and came away with some great images as reference for what we'd covered that day.

I really enjoyed your demonstration last night .... I found it very enlightening and plenty of food for thought. Thanks for a very entertaining night.

The pace was perfect for us, and we particularly appreciated the way you developed your themes from first principles.

Best [guest lecturer] we have had ... thank you.

I learned an awful lot in the time I spent with Simon. He is great at explaining ideas and concepts, and then really helped me to understand fine details of lighting, and I also got a lot of great images too.

Simon ... is very knowledgeable and a great teacher, focusing on your individual needs and interests, every single moment of the training was useful. Definitely recommended for any photographers who want to understand lighting more, be it simple setups or complex ones.