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A little while ago I crossed paths with a designer called Neil Ednie. He specialises in dance, acrobatics & performance wear which needs to be rugged and practical as well as beautiful.

It turned out he'd been working with an international competition high diver called Tigi Whitehouse to create some outfits. Diving's an interesting sport - there's a lot of standing around looking at folk and something of an emphasis on the body beautiful. Stunning looking costumes which stay put during a 10m dive are a significant part of making the athletes feel their best - and perform at their best.

Tigi was coming to the end of her competition career and transitioning into a life as a model and stuntwoman.

We managed to organise a couple of hours in a local pool for a test shoot. I had one particular image in mind but we'll come to that later.

This image is the one I mentioned earlier. I've wanted to make this picture since I first worked with a (different) high diver in a studio a few years ago.
I am interested in the dichotomy between the long, painful, mundane and often solitary hours of training and the true spectacle of a performer giving a brief explosion of performance when at the height of their skill. High diving illustrates the zenith of this idea; the performance lasts barely seconds and is judged in large part on the few milliseconds during entry to the water. 
It took two attempts - as well as a talented diver, her supportive mother, a swimwear designer, exclusive access to a dive pool, a specialist deep water lifeguard and a dive coach.